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Louis A. Fuentes

Louis A. Fuentes

Congressional Candidate District 51

I will fight for issues that affect our communities. So our kids are safe in Schools, so Education is affordable and accessible to anyone who wants it, Families ability to keep their income and have a better life, immigration reform, infrastructure for roads, increase Job Opportunities, a more efficient Government without raising taxes.

I believe strongly that our younger generation demands more from Washington. I can help be that change. I offer another option to the same old direction and no improvement.

I want to be the next Congressman to represent the citizens of District 51 and be your voice in Washington. I ask for your vote this June 5th.

Louis A. Fuentes was born and raised in Calexico. A CA Licensed Contractor, with Air Conditioning Guys, based in Chula Vista and El Centro.  His father worked in produce from Calexico to the Salinas Valley and taught him the values of hard work and getting an education. His mother a former Nurse always politically involved in the community.

Having worked at a young age alongside farm workers and farmers, his insight into the hardships of working families and chasing the American Dream was engrained in him.

Graduate of University of California Berkeley.

Elected Positions held: Calexico City Councilman & Mayor, Gov. Schwarzenegger Appointee to County Board of Supervisors, Chairman of numerous Transportation Bodies, Border Counties Coalition, first CEO of IV Economic Development Corp.  Board member Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association (ACCA). His positions helping to create hundreds of jobs.

A black belt in Aikido Karate and Jujitsu.  Louis is married and has three young children that drive his motivation to improve the quality of life in the region in which he lives.


Together we can build a stronger economy, healthier families, and a more secure future. 100% clean, renewable energy is possible…


Our veterans have fought to keep our country safe and to protect our democratic way of life. We owe them our thanks and our respect.

Foreign Policy

Border Security, border infrastructure, border enforcement, staffing levels at the border crossing and border wait times are things important to those that live in our District 51.


Our children should feel safe, be safe and have access to quality education at all levels.


The continued sewer spillage in the Tijuana River and the Imperial Beach area is completely UNACCEPTABLE.